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From both the standpoint of a client, as well as a Marshal working with the firm, it is easy for me to say that RisCassi & Davis is the type of firm I am happy to represent me and would recommend to any of my family and friends in the future. Clients get professionalism and compassion at a time when a lot has gone wrong. They do everything possible to make it right.
Bloomfield, CT

We do not have the proper words to express our gratitude for all you have done for our family. You [Michael Jainchill and Paul Iannaccone] both went above and beyond all expectations, with remarkable creativity and resourcefulness, to prepare our case... We watched you dig deep and spend long hours using all the knowledge and expertise you have accumulated over the years... Our heartfelt thanks to all of you on behalf of our family. You became extended family to us because of how you all cared for us these past years.
Simsbury, CT

I have been a Professor of Law at the UConn School of Law for 50 years and have been referring clients to RisCassi and Davis during that time, including members of my immediate family. Not only do I know many of the lawyers there both professionally and personally, but I had the opportunity to teach many of them during their time at the Law School. On every referral, the firm provided exceptionally competent and expert representation. They bring a level of professional competence to the procedural and substantive areas of the law, which is of significant benefit to people who are in real need of these services and who are facing difficult and challenging times in their lives. I know that I can trust that the lawyers at RisCassi & Davis will provide the best legal representation and I can refer clients to them with complete confidence and without reservation
Bob Whitman
Professor of Law

The firm is well represented not just in the Attorneys they have on staff but truly the staff I have come to know... Mom took to Paul (Iannaccone) immediately. He was good for her. He is, by the way, quite amazing in court... I must say, I owe my husband a great deal of thanks/gratitude, ever indebted to him, for if he did not recommend this firm for/to me back in 2006, I could not imagine the what if?
Southington, CT

Just wanted you [Michael Jainchill] to know how very grateful we all are for your help, compassion and involvement on our behalf from the onset. You are a truly special person and our lives have been enriched so much more by having been blessed to have met you and worked with you.
Portland, CT

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the outstanding work that you [Michael Jainchill] did for Sara and me in representing us in the lawsuit arising out of Sara's knee injury. Your demeanor was always sincere and professional in your meetings and communication with us. You kept us fully informed of every development in the case and we felt that you really went the extra mile in protecting our interests at each step in the process. Your knowledge of the law and procedure was repeatedly demonstrated throughout the litigation and it was evident to me in observing your interactions with judges, court clerks, and other employees of the judiciary and local bar that you are highly respected by your peers. It has been a pleasure getting to know you both personally and professionally and we are both grateful that we were referred to you and your firm to handle our case.
Charles W. 
Insurance Defense Counsel

Riscassi & Davis is an excellent law firm, and I highly recommend attorney Michael Jainchill and Paul Iannaccone to any sorrowful soul who has been victimized, battered at the deepest level to one's being, and seeking help from quite qualified representation. I will never forget how gracious they are, the extreme dedication, and the amazing amount of work they put into my suit, and they will for you too. I am so glad we found each other, because they cared not only about my case, but me too, constantly checking in on me to see how I was holding up. I cannot say enough words, because there are none to describe the decency and confidence they maintained.
Farmington Valley, CT

I met Attorney Jainchill during the most difficult time of my life... What impressed me about Michael the most was that he always treated me as a human being not just a client. Michael always returned my calls in a very timely manner, answered all my questions fully, and was always there taking care of numerous details and shielding me from unnecessary trauma... Michael has proven to be more than a knowledgeable attorney but also caring human being who was able to restore my faith in human decency.
West Hartford, CT

I worked with Michael Jainchill, Cindy Blackman and Joanne Buehler and could not be happier with the outcome in my case. Attorney Michael Jainchill took the time to understand the myriad complexities of my case and situation immediately, even when it first appeared the case would have very little value. My situation was very unique because my job required me to meet special physical standards that even a minor injury could prevent. He quickly grasped the very real possibility I could lose my job from the accident, and he took the time to understand my situation and figure out my options. I was referred by another attorney, because in a personal injury case an experienced trial attorney is critical; an attorney and firm that work on injury cases against insurance companies every day like Riscassi and Davis.  I don't think there is anyway without attorney Jainchill I would've had the kind a resolution that we had with the insurance company in the case that made me whole again financially. When we went into settlement negotiation I was prepared for the inevitable compromise, but in the end got exactly what I wanted and deserved, the true value of my loss.  Because of the accident I will never be the same physically, but thanks to attorney Jainchill and his team my family’s financial needs are met for the rest of our lives. I am truly grateful and highly recommend attorney Jainchill and the firm of Riscassi and Davis. 
East of the River, CT

As far as we were concerned after meeting with Attorney's James Bartolini and Michael Jainchill at RisCassi & Davis there was no other law firm we needed to interview... We could list about a dozen adjectives to describe our experience with RisCassi and Davis, but kindness, understanding, compassion, and patience have stuck in our minds the most. We highly recommend this law firm for any needs you may have.
James and Wendy
Bristol, CT

Being a victim of a violent car accident is scary and I have learned firsthand that insurance companies, despite triple A ratings, are really most concerned about their bottom line rather than helping victims recover from personal injury and financial loss... After being given the runaround, I sought the help of RisCassi and Davis. I was fortunate to have worked directly with Attorney Patrick Kennedy who I found to be a man of integrity who put my physical and emotional wellbeing above everything else when dealing with my case. Unfortunately, not all injuries can be completely healed and mine will remain with me for the rest of my life but thanks to Pat and RisCassi and Davis, I was able to recover financially from my losses and I have been able to put the accident behind me.
Mansfield, CT

I would like to thank Michael Jainchill, Cindy Blackham and Joanne Buehler for all their hard work in producing such a positive outcome for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better settlement. Meeting them for the first time, they immediately put my mind at ease knowing I was in good hands. They are very understanding and caring in your concerns and make every effort to have your experience with them a pleasant one. They are always easily accessible to you and they succeed as an excellent, unbeatable team. I would recommend Michael, Cindy, and Joanne to anyone that feels they have been wrongly injured and needs professional legal help.
Joe H.
Chaplin, CT

... We were involved in an accident caused by another driver... In the hospital we were told that I had a broken neck and my wife several fractures in her arm and ribs... Within a few days of leaving the hospital, Michael Jainchill visited our home and reassured us that he and his team were there to help... Unfortunately, the opposing insurance company became very adversarial... Michael kept us abreast of the progress of the eventual lawsuit we filed... He treated us with dignity and care as did his staff. Most of all we felt we could TRUST what we were told. The suit was ultimately settled favorably for us just short of going to trial. He is a man you can count on. We definitely recommend his services and that of RisCassi and Davis to those in need.
John and Linda 
Bloomfield, CT

On behalf of both myself and my family, I want to thank you [Michael Jainchill] for all of your hard work, attention and time in assisting Aunt Toni with her case. You, Cindy and your staff are the Best!
John B.
Berlin, CT

We lost our developmentally disabled son when he drowned while under the care of a group home. Not knowing what to do, we turned to Michael Jainchill at RisCassi and Davis for advice, guidance and his litigation expertise. Although there is an emptiness when one does not know how to change the "system," Michael Jainchill and the entire team helped my family get through some very difficult times during the lawsuit. Years down the road that I now truly realize how valuable all of that was to us! I am proud and honored to have met Michael and experienced his professional services.
Enfield, CT

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury at work, I turned to RisCassi and Davis for help. The firm's first concern was for my wellbeing and care. As soon as my wife and I walked in the door, the entire staff at RisCassi and Davis was very welcoming and friendly... I was represented by Attorney Michael Jainchill, who expertly handled my case.... Any question that my wife or I had was important to him. If we needed to contact Mr. Jainchill after hours or weekends, he would always respond to our email within the hour... When Attorney Jainchill was unavailable, staff assistant Cynthia Blackham was always very helpful.
Matt and Linda
East Granby, CT

Words are simply inadequate to describe my appreciation and gratitude to RisCassi & Davis... I truly love the people at RisCassi & Davis - always caring - always patient - always willing to return my calls and be present for me. It was a lucky day for me - the day I met Michael Jainchill and became his client, and a client of a law firm which I have learned to rely upon when I need the best - and only the best will do.
Weatogue, CT

I know how hard you've worked on my case and I appreciate everything you've done for me and my family. You've helped make life a lot easier than it otherwise would have been... All of my best to you.
RisCassi & Davis Client

We thank you and everyone at RisCassi & Davis for all the time and effort that was put forth on our behalf. It has been an educational experience as well as a positive one. Everyone that we came in contact with made our experience with your firm the most pleasant that it could be under the circumstances.
RisCassi & Davis Client

We are very thankful for everything. I don't know how you make balancing people, places, and things look easy.
RisCassi & Davis Client

We are very thankful for everything. I don't know how you make balancing people, places, and things look easy.
RisCassi & Davis Client

We thank you and everyone at RisCassi & Davis for all the time and effort that was put forth on our behalf. It has been an educational experience as well as a positive one. Everyone that we came in contact with made our experience with your firm the most pleasant that it could be under the circumstances.
RisCassi & Davis Client

We are both at ease knowing that Nicholas' future will be taken care of. You have also relieved us of our financial burden and we are able to pay off our debts, buy our house that we always wanted and possibly go on a vacation sometime in the near future. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us and you will always be part of our family and our friend.
RisCassi & Davis Client

....People with integrity, honesty, morals and values, all those things I found at RisCassi and Davis... You all put so much time, energy, effort and heart into the case.... thank you for your commitment, professionalism and dedication to us.
Ron and Dorothy
Simsbury, CT

I am breathing just fine today! I cannot yet put into words the gratitude I have for both you [Michael Jainchill] and my doctor for the efforts and dedication that you have both shown for my case. I consider myself lucky to have had the very best team possible on my side through this process. Three years ago, my life was forever altered; but you have both given me relief from the burden that my family has been under. My family will be forever grateful.
Plainville, CT

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